Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU



Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Project 2019 Mechanism of immunomodulation of Bacillus subtilis-fermented product-derived surfactin in broilers Yu-Hsiang Yu Principal Investigator 2019.08 ~ 2020.07 Ministry of Science & Technology
Research Project 2019 Development of an intelligent swine breeding and production system Yu-Hsiang Yu Co-Principal Investigator 2019.07 ~ 2020.06 Ministry of Science & Technology
Research Project 2019 Application of probiotics-derived and synthetic antimicrobial peptides as a potential health-promoting feed additive in domestic and companion animals Yu-Hsiang Yu Co-Principal Investigator 2019.06 ~ 2020.05 Ministry of Science & Technology
Research Project 2019 Prevention of Clostridium perfringens enteritis in piglets by Bacillus-fermented products Yeong-Hsiang Cheng Wei-Jung Chen Principal Investigator 2019.01 ~ 2019.12 Council of Agriculture
Research Project 2019 Effects of antimicrobial lipopeptide-rich Bacillus subtilis fermentation products on the gut microbiota, immunomodulation, growth performance and prevention of Clostridium perfringens infection in broiler chickens Yu-Hsiang Yu Principal Investigator 2019.01 ~ 2019.12 Chung Cheng Agriculture Science and Social Welfare Foundation
Research Project 2018 Effect of Taiwan green propolis on regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism Yu-Hsiang Yu Principal Investigator 2018.08 ~ 2019.07 Ministry of Science & Technology
Research Project 2018 台灣東方蜂囊狀幼蟲病監測調查及研究(1/3) 陳裕文 主持人 2018.08 ~ 2019.07 科技部
Research Project 2018 優化設計抗菌胜肽以提升其對畜禽腸道病原菌之抗菌效力並以蛋白質體微陣列晶片解析其抗菌機制(1/3)(MOST 107-2313-B-197-005-MY3) 陳威戎 計畫主持人 2018.08 ~ 2021.07 科技部
Research Project 2018 評估陽離子抗菌胜肽對具抗藥性大腸癌細胞株之抗癌效力(MOST 107-2813-C-197-020-B) 陳威戎/尹若婷 計畫主持人 2018.07 ~ 2019.02 科技部
Research Project 2018 陽離子抗菌胜肽對多重抗藥性腸毒型大腸桿菌之抗菌效力(MOST 107-2813-C-197-022-B) 陳威戎/鄭宜榛 計畫主持人 2018.07 ~ 2019.02 科技部