Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU

Kuo-Feng Hua
Title Professor
Name Kuo-Feng Hua
Office Tel No. 03-9317626 (office); 03-9317630 (lab)
Discipline Molecular Immunology
Cell Signaling
Research expertise Cellular mechanism of inflammation
Anti-inflammatory drug development
Ph.D., Ins. Biotechnology in Medicine, National Yang-Ming University (2006)
Bachelor, Dep. Biology, Fu Jen Catholic University (1999)
Distinguished Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU (2018.08-)
Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU (2015.08-)
Visiting Scientist, University of Tsukuba, Japan (2017)
Visiting Scientist, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK (2014)
Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU (2012-2015)
Associate Professor, Institute of Biotechnology, National Ilan University (2011)
Assistant Professor, Institute of Biotechnology, National Ilan University (2009)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Drug Safety, China Medical University (2008)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica (2007)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Biophotonics, National Yang-Ming University (2006)
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School Honor 2018
Inside School Honor 2017
Inside School Honor 2017
Inside School Honor 2015
Inside School Honor 2013
Outside School Honor 2013
Inside School Honor 2012
Inside School Honor 2011
Paper Title Journal Title Year Issue.No Vol.No
Accelerated and severe lupus nephritis benefits from M1, an active metabolite of ginsenoside, by regulating NLRP3 inflammasome and T cell functions in mice Frontiers in Immunology 2019 in press
Mechanistic insight into the activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome by Neisseria gonorrhoeae in macrophages Frontiers in Immunology 2019 10
Compound K inhibits priming and mitochondria-associated activating signals of NLRP3 inflammasome in renal tubulointerstitial lesions Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2019
Glucosamine inhibits IL-1β expression by preserving mitochondrial integrity and disrupting assembly of the NLRP3 inflammasome Scientific Reports 2019 1 9
Mechanistic insight into the attenuation of gouty inflammation by Taiwanese green propolis via inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome Journal of Cellular Physiology 2019 4 234
Synthesis of the trisaccharide repeating unit of capsular polysaccharide from Klebsiella pneumonia Tetrahedron Letters 2019 3 60
Ergosterol peroxide from marine fungus Phoma sp. induces ROS-dependent apoptosis and autophagy in human lung adenocarcinoma cells Scientific Reports 2018 1 8
Repositioning of the β-blocker carvedilol as a novel autophagy inducer that inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome Frontiers in Immunology 2018 9
Antrodia cinnamomea Galactomannan Elicits Immunostimulatory Activity Through Toll-like receptor 4 International Journal of Biological Sciences 2018 10 14
Improvement of hyperglycemia in a murine model of insulin resistance and high glucose- and inflammasome-mediated IL-1β expressions in macrophages by silymarin Chemico-Biological Interactions 2018 290
Carboxylic and O-acetyl moieties are essential for the immunostimulatory activity of glucuronoxylomannan: a novel TLR4 specific immunostimulator from Auricularia auricula-judae Chemical Communications 2018 51 54
Affinity-driven Covalent Modulator of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase (GAPDH) Cascade Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2018 24 57
A synthetic cationic antimicrobial peptide inhibits inflammatory response and the NLRP3 inflammasome by neutralizing LPS and ATP PLOS ONE 2017 7 12
A GalNAc/Gal-specific lectin from the sea mussel Crenomytilus grayanus modulates immune response in macrophages and in mice Scientific Reports 2017 1 7
IL-36 signaling facilitates the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome and IL-23/IL-17 axis in renal inflammation and fibrosis Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2017 7 28
Lectin CGL from the sea mussel Crenomytilus grayanus induces Burkitt`s lymphoma cells death via interaction with surface glycan International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2017 104
Galactomannan from Antrodia cinnamomea enhances the phagocytic activity of macrophages Organic Letters 2017 13 19
Corylin protects LPS-induced sepsis and attenuates LPS-induced inflammatory response Scientific Reports 2017 7
Neuroprotection by freshwater clam extract against the neurotoxin MPTP in C57BL/6 mice 2017 642
NLRP3 inflammasome: Pathogenic role and potential therapeutic target for IgA nephropathy Scientific Reports 2017 7
SPAK plays a pathogenic role in IgA nephropathy through the activation of NF-κB/MAPKs signaling pathway Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2016 99
Hepatoprotective effect of wheat-based solid-state fermented Antrodia cinnamomea in carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury in rat PLOS ONE 2016 4 11
A low toxicity synthetic cinnamaldehyde derivative ameliorates renal inflammation in mice by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome and its related signaling pathways Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2016 91
Citral alleviates an accelerated and severe lupus nephritis model by inhibiting the activation signal of NLRP3 inflammasome and enhancing Nrf2 activation Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17(1)
New HCRG-polypeptides of Kunitz-Type from the sea Anemone Heteractis crispa Marine Drugs 2015 10 13
Capsular polysaccharide is involved in NLRP3 inflammasome activation by Klebsiella pneumoniae serotype K1 Infection and Immunity 2015 83
Resveratrol inhibits NLRP3 inflammasome activation by preserving mitochondrial integrity and augmenting autophagy Journal of Cellular Physiology 2015 7 230
Composition, in vitro anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of essential oils from leaf and twig parts of Cupressus cashmeriana Natural Product Communications 2015 8 10
Cyclooxygenase-2 regulates NLRP3 inflammasome-derived IL-1β production Journal of Cellular Physiology 2015 4 230
Peroxyauraptenol inhibits inflammation and NLRP3 inflammasome activation by inhibiting reactive oxygen species generation and preserving mitochondrial integrit Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemist 2015 4 63
Essential oil from the heartwood of Taiwan fir ameliorates LPS-induced inflammatory response by inhibiting the activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase Natural Product Communications 2014 10 9
Essential oil from leaves of Liquidambar formosana ameliorates inflammatory response in lipopolysaccharide-activated mouse macrophages Natural Product Communications 2014 6 9
Osthole improves an accelerated focal segmental glomerulosclerosis model in early stage by activating Nrf2 antioxidant pathway and subsequent inhibition of NF-κB-mediated COX-2 expression and apoptosis Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2014 73C
Thrombomodulin domain 1 ameliorates diabetic nephropathy in mice via anti-NF-κB/NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammation, enhancement of NRF2 antioxidant activity and inhibition of apoptosis Diabetologia 2014 57(2)
3,4-Dihydroxytoluene, a metabolite of rutin, inhibits inflammatory responses in lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages by reducing the activation of NF-κB signaling BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2014 14(1)
Osthole mitigates progressive IgA nephropathy by inhibiting reactive oxygen species generation and NF-kB/NLRP3 pathway PLoS ONE 2013 8(10)
Polyenylpyrrole derivatives inhibit NLRP3 inflammasome activation and inflammatory mediator expression through reduction of reactive oxygen species production and mitogen-activated protein kinase activation PLoS ONE 2013 8(10)
Bamboo vinegar decreases inflammatory mediator expression and NLRP3 inflammasome activation by inhibiting reactive oxygen species generation and protein kinase C-alpha/delta activation PLoS ONE 2013 8(10)
Citral is renoprotective for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis by inhibiting oxidative stress and apoptosis and activating Nrf2 pathway in mice PLoS ONE 2013 8(9)
Generation of reactive oxygen species by polyenylpyrroles derivatives causes DNA damage leading to G2/M arrest and apoptosis in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells PLoS ONE 2013 8(6)
Antroquinonol mitigates accelerated and progressive IgA nephropathy model in mice via activating NrF2 pathway, and inhibiting T cells and NLRP3 inflammasome Free Radic Biol Med 2013 61C
Lipopolysaccharide/adenosine triphosphate-mediated signal transduction in the regulation of NLRP3 protein expression and caspase-1-mediated interleukin-1β secretion 2013 62(1)
Freshwater Clam Extract Inhibits Inflammatory Responses in LPS-activated Macrophages by Reducing the Activation of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinases and NF-κB Natural Product Communications 2012 7(11)
High glucose increases nitric oxide generation in lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages by enhancing activity of protein kinase C-alpha/delta and NF-kB Inflammation Research 2012 61(10)
Composition and Antipathogenic Activities of the Twig Essential Oil of Chamaecyparis formosensis from Taiwan Natural Product Communications 2012 7(7)
Oligosaccharide and Peptidoglycan of Ganoderma lucidum Activate the Immune Response in Human Mononuclear Cells Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2012 60(11)
Honokiol inhibits LPS-induced maturation and inflammatory response of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells Journal of Cellular Physiology 2011 226(9)
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate prevents lupus nephritis development in mice via enhancing the Nrf2 antioxidant pathway and inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation Free Radical Biology & Medicine 2011 51(3)
Structure and immunological characterization of the capsular polysaccharide of a pyrogenic liver abscess Klebsiella pneumoniae: activation of macrophages through Toll-like receptor 4 Journal of Biological Chemistry 2011 286(24)
A novel exopolysaccharide from the biofilm of Thermus aquaticus YT-1 induces the immune response through Toll-like receptor 2 Journal of Biological Chemistry 2011 286(20)
Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyenylpyrrole derivatives as anti-cancer agents acting through caspases-dependent apoptosis Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2010 53(22)
Osthole regulates inflammatory mediator expression through modulating NF-kB, mitogen-activated protein kinases, protein kinase C, and reactive oxygen species 2010 58(19)
Immunostimulatory bioactivity of algal polysaccharides from Chlorella pyrenoidosa activates macrophages via Toll-like receptor 4 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2010 58(2)
Binding and cleavage of E. coli Hua by the E. coli Lon Biophysical Journal 2010 98(1)
Cytomic screening of immuno-modulating activity compounds from Calocedrus formosana Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 2008 11(10)
Polysaccharides from Dioscorea batatas induce TNFa secretion via Toll-like receptor 4 mediated protein kinase signaling pathways Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008 56(21)
Cyclopeptides with anti-inflammatory activity from seeds of Annona montana Journal of Natural Products 2008 71(8)
TLR-independent induction of human monocyte IL-1 by phosphoglycolipids from thermophilic bacteria Glycoconjugate Journal 2008 25(5)
Heme oxygenase-1 mediates the anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin within LPS-stimulated human monocytes Journal of Cellular Physiology 2008 215(3)
Reishi immuno-modulation protein induces interleukin-2 expression via protein kinase-dependent signaling pathways within human T Cells Journal of Cellular Physiology 2008 215(1)
New cyclic peptides from the seeds of Annona squamosa L. and their anti-inflammatory activities Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008 56(2)
Cinnamaldehyde inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines secretion from monocytes/macrophages through suppression of intracellular signaling Food and Chemical Toxicology 2008 46(1)
The interaction of lipopolysaccharide with membrane receptors on macrophages pre-treated with extract of reishi polysaccharides measured by optical tweezers Optical Express 2007 15(17)
Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides enhance CD14 endocytosis of LPS and promote TLR4 signal transduction of cytokine expression Journal of Cellular Physiology 2007 212(2)
LTA and LPS mediated activation of protein kinases in the regulation of inflammatory cytokines expression in macrophages Clinica Chimica Acta 2006 (1-2)
Bioactivity assay of extracts from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana bark Bioresource Technology 2006 97(18)
Alkali-soluble polysaccharides of Rhizoclonium riparium alga induce IL-1 gene expression via protein kinase signaling pathways Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006 54
Study on the anti-inflammatory activity of methanol extract from seagrass Zostera japonica Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006 54
Study on the antiinflammatory activity of essential oil from leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2005 53
Anti-inflammatory Activity of sugiol, a diterpene isolated from Calocedrus formosana bark Planta Medica 2005 71
Extract of reishi polysaccharides induces cytokine expression via toll-like receptor 4-modulated protein kinase signaling pathways Journal of Immunology 2004 173
Ligands of macrophage scavenger receptor induce cytokine expression via differential modulation of protein kinase signaling pathways Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001 276
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Project 2016 驗證人蔘皂苷對亨廷頓舞蹈症預防與改善之功效 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.10 ~ 2017.09 匯德生物科技股份有限公司
Research Project 2016 利用NLRP3發炎體為主之疾病專一性分析平台驗證人蔘皂苷對慢性腎臟病 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.08 ~ 2019.07 科技部
Research Project 2016 利用NLRP3發炎體為主之疾病專一性分析平台驗證人蔘皂苷對慢性腎臟病 (延攬博士後研究人才) 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.08 ~ 2019.07 科技部
Research Project 2016 IgA腎炎小鼠的腎臟白血球侵潤與細胞激素分泌 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.07 ~ 2016.12 財團法人工業技術研究院
Research Project 2016 學界協助中小企業科技關懷跨域整合計畫-評估固態發酵培養牛樟芝產品應用於預防動脈硬化的可能性 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.05 ~ 2016.10 經濟部
Research Project 2016 台灣-英國 雙邊研究計畫: 建置一台英雙方研究O-linked N-乙醯葡萄糖胺修飾蛋白調控NLRP3發炎體之整合型平台 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2016.04 ~ 2018.03 科技部
Research Project 2015 學界協助中小企業科技關懷跨域整合計畫-探討固態發酵培養牛樟芝產品預防與改善痛風的效果 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2015.05 ~ 2015.10 經濟部
Research Project 2015 驗證人蔘皂苷對痛風預防與改善之效果 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2015.05 ~ 2016.04 匯德生物科技股份有限公司
Research Project 2015 中小企業即時技術輔導計畫-人蔘皂甙衍生物毒性與活性測試 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2015.04 ~ 2015.09 經濟部
Research Project 2014 Synthesis of Some Carbohydrate Analogs as Potential Immunomodulating Agents 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2014.08 ~ 2017.07 新加坡大學與中央研究院
Research Project 2014 人蔘皂苷免疫調節活性試驗 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2014.05 ~ 2015.04 匯德生物科技股份有限公司
Research Project 2014 學界協助中小企業科技關懷計畫-牛樟芝多醣免疫調節功能測試 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2014.05 ~ 2015.10 經濟部
Research Project 2014 學界協助中小企業科技關懷計畫-人蔘皂苷之免疫調節活性測試 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2014.05 ~ 2014.10 經濟部
Research Project 2014 臺灣-俄羅斯 國際合作計畫: 海洋天然物醫藥保健產品開發之合作交流平台 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2014.01 ~ 2016.12 科技部
Research Project 2013 竹醋液與其活性成分在發炎與代謝相關疾病預防及改善之應用 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2013.08 ~ 2016.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2012 新穎陽離子抗菌胜肽(宿主防禦胜肽)之抗菌、抗癌與抗發炎機制探討 花國鋒 共同主持人 2012.08 ~ 2013.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2011 開發肉桂醛為預防發炎之保健產品與治療發炎相關疾病之輔助製劑 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2011.08 ~ 2012.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2009 肝膿瘍性克雷伯氏肺炎桿菌莢膜多醣體結構與功能性分析(延攬博士後研究人才) 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2009.08 ~ 2010.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2009 葉黃素對雄性小鼠生殖功能損傷模式之免疫調節作用機制 花國鋒 共同主持人 2009.08 ~ 2012.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2009 肝膿瘍性克雷伯氏肺炎桿菌莢膜多醣體結構與功能性分析 花國鋒 計畫主持人 2009.02 ~ 2010.07 國家科學委員會
Research Project 2007 開發藻類資源作為生質酒精 花國鋒 共同主持人 2007.08 ~ 2010.07 國家科學委員會
Publish Date Patent Title Patent Number Patent Country Authors
2018/12/03 領證中
2018/10/03 10,124,017
2018/10/03 10,130,647
2018/12/03 9,844,560
2018/12/03 3137089
2018/12/03 3137079
2018/08/03 602015018101.8
2016/07/12 羥基肉桂醛糖苷衍生物用於製備治療腎絲球腎炎之組合物的用途 (中華民國專利) I 556821 中華民國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、陳水田、趙國評
2016/06/03 Use of polyenylpyrrole derivatives for treating inflammation (美國專利) US 9,475,789 B2 美國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、理昱傑
2016/06/03 Use of osthole for treating focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (美國專利) US 9,393,226 B2 美國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、趙國評、楊順閔
2015/11/12 蛇床子素用於製備治療局部腎絲球硬化症之組合物的用途 (中華民國專利) I 544921 中華民國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、趙國評、楊順閔
2015/10/03 Use of hydroxylcinnamaldehyde glycoside derivatives for manufacturing composition for treating glomerulosclerosis (美國專利) US 9,321,795 B2 美國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、陳水田、趙國評
2015/08/12 大戟科植物活性物質及其應用 (中華民國專利) I504402 中華民國 花國鋒 / 郭村勇、楊瀅臻、陳威戎,、花國鋒、周盈芳
2015/05/12 木焦油醇用於抑制細胞之NLRP3複合發炎體活化及表現之用途 (中華民國專利) I498114 中華民國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、張嘉銘、蔡咏蓁
2015/02/12 檸檬醛用於製備治療局部腎絲球硬化症之藥物的用途 (中華民國專利) 發明第I463979號 中華民國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、趙國評、張溫良、華國媛
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2013/08/12 Use of bamboo vinegar for treating inflammation (美國專利) US 8,518,461 B2 美國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、陳安、賈淑敏、張嘉銘、蔡咏蓁
2010/03/12 Methods and compositions associated with administration of an extract of Ganoderma Lucidum (美國專利) US 7,687,064 B2 美國 花國鋒 / 花國鋒、許先業、翁啟惠