Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU

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Molecular Metabolism Lab

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Title Molecular Metabolism Lab
Extension no. 7736
Location Room 412
Participating professor Yu-Hsiang Yu
  1. Gradient Thermalcycler
  2. Horizontal Mini-Gel Systems
  3. Mini-PROTEAN Electrophoresis System
  4. Trans-Blot SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell
  5. Small Transfer Tank
  6. 4°C Centrifuge
  7.  pH Meter
  8. Laminar Flow
  9. High Speed Centrifuge
  10. Dry Bath DIGITAL
  11. Inverted Microscope
  12. Gel Scanner
  13. Fermentation tank
Research direction
  1. To study how probiotics improve the growth performance and health in pigs and broilers 
  2. To develop the novel feed additives for pigs and broilers based on a metabolic pathway