Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, NIU

Che-Ming Yang
Name Che-Ming Yang
Office Tel No. 03-9357400#7720
Title Professor
Discipline Ruminant Nutrition
Research expertise Rumen Microbial Fermentation,Production Efficiency,Forage Utilization
Country School Name Department Degree
U.S.A. The Pennsylvania State University Dairy and Animal Science Ph.D.
Organization Title Department Job Title
Cornell University Microbiology Postdoctoral Fellow
Paper Title Journal Title Year Issue.No Vol.No
2013 59
2012 37
Effect of biometric flow channel on the power generation at different Reynolds numbers in the single chamber of rumen microbial fuel cells (RMFCs). Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2011 36
Effects of fumarate on ruminal ammonia accumulation and fiber digestion in vitro, and Nutrient utilization in dairy does. J. Dairy Sci. 2010 93
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Fermentation acids, aerobic fungal growth, and intake of napiergrass ensiled with non-fiber carbohydrates. J. Dairy Sci. 2004 87
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Response of forage fiber degradation by ruminal microorganisms to branched-chain volatile fatty acids, amino acids, and dipeptides. J. Dairy Sci. 2002 85
2002 4 3
2002 5 3
2001 3 30
2000 5
1999 185
1999 186
1999 186
1998 16
1998 3 27
1997 15
1996 3 25
1996 13
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Authors Paper Title Conference Name
林琬蓉、楊欣樺、蔡介文、羅文澤、高嘉鴻、鄭永祥、許惠貞 楊价民
Ho, Y. S., and C.-M. J. Yang. Fermentative activity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae live cells under in vitro saliva and ruminal incubation. Biannual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., X. R. Lu, and Y. S. Ho. In vitro ruminal fFermentation and bloating characteristics by raw and cooked soybean milk residue. Biannual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., and J. B. Russell. The effect of monensin on the flow of amino nitrogen from the rumen. Annual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., and J. B. Russell. Effect of monensin on the specific activity of ruminal ammonia production in vitro. Annual Meeting
Varga, G. A., C.-M. J. Yang, T. J. Whitsel, K. Karunanandaa, and S. Soderlund. Effect of silage inoculant on ruminal fermentation characteristics and nutrient digestibility by ruminal microorganisms. Annual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., and J. B. Russell. Effect of monensin on the composition and quantity of amino acids escaping ruminal degradation in vitro. Biannual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., and G. A. Varga. Effect of chemical defaunation on milk production and composition by Holstein cows. Annual Meeting
Schingoethe, D. J., D. P. Casper, C.-M. J. Yang, D. J. Illg, J. L. Sommerfeldt, and C. R. Mueller. Ruminally protected methionine with soybean meal, heat-treated soybean meal, and extruded blend of soybeans and soybean meal for lactating cows. Annual Meeting
Yang, C.-M. J., D. J. Schingoethe, C. R. Mueller, and D. P. Casper. Protected methionine and heat-treated soybean meal for high-producing dairy cows. Annual Meeting
Mueller, C. R., D. J. Schingoethe, C.-M. J. Yang, and D. P. Casper. Protected methionine supplementation with extruded soybeans and soybean meal for cows during early lactation. Annual Meeting
Book Title ISSN(ISBN) Publish Date
978-1-84593-956-4 1970/01
978-957-524-282-4 1970/01
957-616-463-X 1970/01
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Project 2013 法國羊隻生產飼養管理技術暨育種策略交流 楊价民 主持人 2013.01 ~ 2013.12 農委會
Research Project 2013 調整日糧與瘤胃發酵以減少反芻動物能量浪費與溫室氣體生成(3/3) 楊价民 主持人 2013.01 ~ 2013.12 農委會
Research Project 2013 102年度「養羊產業振興輔導計畫」 楊价民 主持人 2013.01 ~ 2013.12 中華民國養羊協會
Research Project 2012 調整日糧與瘤胃發酵以減少反芻動物能量浪費與溫室氣體生成(2/3) 楊价民 主持人 2012.05 ~ 2012.12 農委會
Research Project 2012 101年度「羊鹿產業振興輔導計畫」 楊价民 主持人 2012.04 ~ 2012.12 中華民國養羊協會
Research Project 2011 養羊場日糧營養指導 楊价民 主持人 2011.07 ~ 2011.12 中華民國養羊協會
Research Project 2011 調整日糧與瘤胃發酵以減少反芻動物能量浪費與溫室氣體生成(1/3) 楊价民 主持人 2011.05 ~ 2011.12 農委會
Research Project 2011 纖維特徵與瘤胃微生物組成對微生物燃料電池產電效能之影響(2/2) 楊价民 主持人 2011.01 ~ 2011.12 教育部
Research Project 2010 纖維特徵與瘤胃微生物組成對微生物燃料電池產電效能之影響(1/2) 楊价民 主持人 2010.01 ~ 2010.12 教育部
Research Project 2007 竹炭對乳羊養分利用、表現、健康與糞便特徵之影響 楊价民 主持人 2007.08 ~ 2008.07 國科會
Research Project 2006 四碳雙羰酸對瘤胃脂肪酸生物氫化作用及羊乳順式 -9,反式-11-共軛亞麻油酸和反式-11-十八碳俙酸的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2006.08 ~ 2007.07 國科會
Research Project 2005 瘤胃抗性水溶性蛋白質與外源纖維分解酵素對基質親和力、纖維分解動力學與乳羊代謝之影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2005.08 ~ 2006.07 國科會
Research Project 2004 延胡索酸鹽與拉薩羅素對乳用女羊生長性能、瘤胃微生物發酵與養分代謝的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2004.08 ~ 2005.07 國科會
Research Project 2003 界面活性劑與非纖維碳水化合物分解率對乳羊瘤胃纖維分解、氮素利用與產乳表現的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2003.08 ~ 2004.07 國科會
Research Project 2002 拉薩羅素與瘤胃保護甲硫胺酸對乳用女羊生長速率、體組成、分娩前後代謝適應與產乳的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2002.08 ~ 2003.07 國科會
Research Project 2001 補充瘤胃保護甲硫胺酸、膽鹼與甜菜鹼複合物對乳羊泌乳、血液性狀、養分消化與尿氮排出的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2001.08 ~ 2002.07 國科會
Research Project 2000 碳水化合物分解率與拉薩羅素對乳羊生長、瘤胃氨蓄積、血液尿素氮與尿氮排出的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 2000.08 ~ 2001.07 國科會
Research Project 1999 拉薩羅素對乳羊生長、瘤胃去氨作用與氮素滯留的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 1999.08 ~ 2000.07 國科會
Research Project 1997 支鏈揮發性脂肪酸、氨基酸及其雙牲對試管中瘤胃微生物分解芻料細胞壁的影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 1997.08 ~ 1998.07 國科會
Research Project 1997 玉米加工方式在混合日糧中對瘤胃微生物分解盤固草與百慕達乾草之影響 楊价民 計劃主持人 1997.07 ~ 1998.06 台灣省畜產試驗所
Research Project 1996 盤固與百慕達乾草之瘤胃分解速率探討 楊价民 計劃主持人 1995.07 ~ 1997.06 農委會
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