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Marine Resources Lab (Integrated Production Lab)

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Title Marine Resources Lab(Integrated Production Lab)
Extension no. 03-9352315
Location Room 406, College of Bioresource, NIU
Participating professor Yung-Song Chen(Song Chen) /TY Kuo, YC Lee, DN Lee /
Participating coordination professor Der-Nan Lee / Kuo,Tsun Yung / Lin,Chai-Ching / Yi-Chuan, Lee / Huang,Shih-Che
Research direction 1. Orienting Research on Organic Aquaculture
2. Development of environmentally integrated production systems by combining the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (currently focus on the most successfully evolved species on earth e.g. earthworm and its associated application)
3.Surveys on aquatic animals of local regions
4. Investigation of flyingfish and the forgotten fish in Chinese lunar calendar 
5. Environmental impacts of Whale watching around Ilan coastal waters
Students postgraduate students:Yi-wei Lai,Jia-Huang Shieh, Jia-Yao Chien
undergraduates: J-H Tsai,B-C Chang, T-C Tsai, W-D Chen, W-L Liang, D-K Gien, Y-T Lai, J-J Chen, H-F Chang, J-C Lin  
Reference link http://ansc.niu.edu.tw/people/bio.php?PID=19


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