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Features and Objectives

Biotechnology industry will be fast growing in 21st century. It will create a lot of benefits and opportunities for Taiwan economic development. Since biotech is one of applied science which will start from the basic of life science and step by step to achieve the objective of human life quality improvement. Biotechnology can link molecular biology, cellular genetics, transgenic technology and laboratory animal together, and also enlarge the demand of animal science and technology person. The department of animal science is not only to culture the person of economic animal production to improve operation of traditional animal industry but also to supply high skill technician to satisfy the demand of biotechnology manpower. Our teaching objective is based on the understanding of animal and tries to integrate the knowledge and technology of economic animal, biotechnology and functional foods for creating a high profit of animal industry.

Application of transgenic animal research team is trying to produce preferred transgenic animals carried interested gene for advanced researches in animal science.

Nutrition biotechnology research team integrates faculty members with biotech expertise and cooperates with Bioagriculture Institute of Academia Sinica. The goal is to explore growth factors that protect animal gut function and express them in yeasts by gene transfer. The next is to feed cultures of yeast with successful transfer to animals. It is hoped that such feed ingredient with specific commercial benefits will be developed and in wide use soon.

Functional food is a highly profitable area requiring knowledge both in food and basic medicine. Confirmation of the healthy effects also demands laboratory animal. Current researches are focusing on the identification, purification and gene cloning of the functional ingredients in animal products, including growth factors, enzyme that prevents allergy, extracellular matrix, etc.